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An Introvert's Guide To Recruiting | September 29th at Noon EST
Yes, Rob! I'm ready to become the bold version of myself so I can prospect new people, enroll more reps and lead a team with confidence!
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Here's What You'll Learn
  Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of introverts (without this foundation, you'll continue to spin your wheels)
  The critical components for creating wild success as an introvert
  How to overcome your limiting beliefs on being introverted and flip it from a perceived weakness into a HIDDEN strength
  The word-for-word approach to invite someone without being pushy or sounding like a scripted robot
  How to build unshakeable confidence even if you're shy or timid
  What to do if you're afraid to show up as your true self on social media and instead be BOLD without being overbearing
  How to leverage your unique personality to succeed without feeling like you need to become someone different
  A simple follow up strategy that is persistent but doesn't cross the line of being CRAZY annoying and a crazy zealot
  How to close using your powerful story without being pushy
  Plus a whole lot more!
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